Art Comes to Life


Year 10 GCSE art students were recently able to go on an enriching day trip to the Tate Modern Art Gallery in Central London. The visit gave students a chance to see different art techniques close up as well as paintings and sculptures by artists they will study in the future. The students were able to explore the gallery, and were encouraged to draw sketches and make notes on what they saw.

Year 10 student, Lara, expressed the importance of the trip saying “I really enjoyed our trip to Tate Modern as it took what we had been learning in class and brought it to life. It has definitely made me more excited and confident about doing my final piece.” The teachers also led thought-provoking group discussions about selected art work, considering the different aspects and opinions of the piece. The trip was very beneficial for their upcoming project on figures, spaces and places as it enhanced their understanding and knowledge on a diverse range of art. 

By Julia Mervis 10A1