Head Boy/Girl team 2013 elected


To continue Samuel Baderman's epic legend, our warriors beat on against the challenges lying ahead. Firstly, by submitting their applications they sealed their commitment to the tasks in writing. No turning back, despite the knowledge of a 10-headed beast of an interview panel lurking in the shadows.

And soon enough, the beast was defeated and ultimately slain with unmistakable deftness and verbal dexterity. 16 remained, and their final labour was to be pitted against each other in battles of rhetoric to an audience of hundreds. With the crowd cheering and laughing, homages were made to the United States of Kingsbury; comparisons made to animals, Barbie, Noah's Ark and the Olympics; a 'Blank' manifesto was offered to make the voice of the people heard; unforgettable comparisons were made to a certain physicist and references made to a certain movie. All in all, the speeches were `cleverly constructed and expertly executed. In one particular act of craftiness, people had their votes extorted from them by the simple act of raising their hand. In that case, 'Bazinga' was definitely the word.

Over the course of the following days, the public cast their choice of four candidates and a gathering was arranged for the announcement of the results. Our Headteacher left everyone in suspense, before pronouncing Noah Lachs and Jemma Barash as Head Boy and Head Girl, together with Joe Binder & Joe Woolf as Deputy Head Boys, and Leora Robinson & Gina Josephs as Deputy Head Girls. They received their congratulations with smiles, embraces and applause from a crowd that was grateful for the skill and bravery that all the candidates had displayed in volunteering for such demanding posts.

Adam Wald 12AM
Student Journalist