Jewish Way of Life Exhibition


A group of Year 9 students were lucky enough to participate in the Jewish Way of Life Exhibition. Students in Years 3, 4 and 5 from four non-Jewish primary schools came to JFS to learn about Judaism and different aspects of the religion. The Year 9 students prepared a different workshop for the students covering three different aspects of Judaism.

One of the groups covered Shabbat, teaching the primary school students the basic rules and traditions on Shabbat. They showed the children a traditional Friday night dinner table along with the Kiddush cup, challah and candles. All of the pupils were given the chance to try some challah and a cup of grape juice. One of the children in Year 5 from Goodwyn School said “the challah was delicious and I learnt loads about Shabbat!”

Another group taught the children about Kashrut. The children were taught about the things needed to make an animal kosher and which animals were kosher or non-kosher. Then they played a game, showing which animals were kosher or not. The pupils all had a chance to try some kosher biscuits and juice.

The last workshop was about tzedakah- charity. The children were told how much money should be given to charity and the maximum amount allowed to be given. They then played a game about charity including maths and running. The students said they loved the game and definitely now know more about charity in Judaism than they did before.

Finally the primary school students were shown the School Synagogue. All the items were shown to them and they got to look around. Some of the students even got a chance to blow the Shofar although most of them didn’t succeed. Most of the students were from non-Jewish backgrounds but even those who were Jewish said they learnt loads and had lots of fun!

Hannah Stanton 9W1