MEP Visits JFS Politics Society


Politics Society members from all year groups attended a talk given by Mr Seb Dance, Labour MEP for London and Deputy Leader of the European Labour Parliamentary Party.
Mr Dance spoke about the role of the European Parliament within the EU, the day to day activities of an MEP and the relevance of the EU to the lives of its citizens. In particular he focused on issues such as the food we eat and the environment, which affects us all.
He then moved on to speak at length about the challenges presented by Brexit, the referendum campaign itself and Britain’s future outside of the EU. After the talk our students and Mr Dance enjoyed a lengthy Q &A session.
Overall it was a fascinating and stimulating discussion with a great opportunity for our students to engage face to face with one of their representatives in Brussels.
We would like to thank Mr Dance for making himself available for us and to Adam Bernstein and Rowan Gow, the Co-Chairs of the Politics Society, for organising the visit.