Movie Moguls


The National Theatre is widely known as one of the most prominent and highly acclaimed theatres in the United Kingdom and was a treat to visit for this year’s Media Studies students.

A group of 20 JFS students from Years 12 and 13 joined students from a number of other schools to explore the centre, inspired by the recent London Film Festival. Students were directed to the theatre’s private cinema where they watched four 15-20 minute videos that ranged from the struggles a soldier endured when returning home from the war to a 38 year old man meeting his father for the first time. Prior to each video, the audience was lucky enough to meet the directors of each clip and to discover the inspiration behind their videos, some of which were personal accounts.

Following all clips, there was a ‘Question and Answer’ session with all the directors and this enabled the students to learn how long the creation of their video took, the cost of their production and other essential tips for the process of creating an outstanding video. The students also studied camera techniques and the use of music in order to ensure the audience will fully connect with the story.

Savanna, Year12, was one student who had the privilege of attending the trip and expressed her appreciation; “It was a wonderful and enriching trip which I hope to experience again”.

Annabel Mahgerefteh 12AF
Student Journalist