In this section of the website you can read about some of the many varied and exciting events that take place at JFS. For a more comprehensive overview, photos and updates please follow us on Facebook and Twitter.


A group of students led by our new Social Action Coordinator, Jewish Care and GIFT, went to visit an old aged home in order to be more involved with the old people in the Jewish community. They were able to bond in a number of different ways one of which was making cheesecakes for the upcoming chag of Shavuot.


In February, Jewish Care visited the Year 7 assembly to tell students about the new B’nei Mitzvah programme they set up in partnership with our school. Year 7 student, Leah, decided to participate in the recent 10K walk. The highlights for her were realising that she could walk 10K, knowing that she has raised funds for Jewish Care, seeing the amazing facilities that her funds would help to support and, best of all, meeting the incredible people who use these amazing facilities.


Sam from Year 7 and Max from Year 8 represented the professional football club, Stevenage FC, in Italy recently. They both played in groups that were one year older than them, playing against teams from Rimini, Cesena and Forli, over a period of a week. With wins, draws and losses, this was an incredible experience for our two students.


A group of enthusiastic Year 8 Geography students took part in an enrichment session recently related to crime, which is a topic that they are studying in Geography this year.

They were required to solve a theft that happened in 2012 during the Olympic Games, with real evidence and a police officer to guide them.



A group of students in the Year 9 Text programme participated in a Lag B’Omer Yom Iyun yesterday. The theme of the day was of personal growth throughout the period of the Omer, the time of the Jewish year between Pesach and Shavuot.  It was a day of learning, singing, dancing and fun activities rounded off with a delicious barbeque. The day was run in conjunction with Tribe at Hendon United Synagogue and an enjoyable time was had by all.