In this section of the website you can read about some of the many varied and exciting events that take place at JFS. For a more comprehensive overview, photos and updates please follow us on Facebook and Twitter.


As part of the ongoing charity endeavours of the school, Year 7-10 embarked on a 10p challenge - a race to see which year could amass the most amount of 10 pence coins.

Student Officers and Sports Leaders participated in a day of raft building and outdoor team-building activities to enhance their leadership training. Thank you to the JiEP department for organising this.


Year 7 Geographers were invited to an enrichment workshop to explore the impact of future climate change in Africa.


The Annual Year 9 Industry Day took learning inside the classroom to whole new level.


The much anticipated Summer Music Festival took place with a week of music-making that adequately served all musical tastes.