In this section of the website you can read about some of the many varied and exciting events that take place at JFS. For a more comprehensive overview, photos and updates please follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

Student Officers and Sports Leaders participated in a day of raft building and outdoor team-building activities to enhance their leadership training. Thank you to the JiEP department for organising this.


Year 7 Geographers were invited to an enrichment workshop to explore the impact of future climate change in Africa.


The Annual Year 9 Industry Day took learning inside the classroom to whole new level.


The much anticipated Summer Music Festival took place with a week of music-making that adequately served all musical tastes.


Twenty five suited, Year 12 aspiring City workers were lucky enough to partake in a trip to London's docklands financial district, where we spent the day at KPMG's impressive Canary Wharf offices. The trip was organised by Ms Silverstone in conjunction with Alexander Gold of KPMG and led by Miss Thumim and Mr Crocker.