Key Stage 4


Autumn Term

Spring Term

Summer Term


Year 10

  • Introductory project in painting and mixed media


  • Preparation for YR  10 Mock Exam
  • YR 10 Mock exam


Year 11

  • Y R 11 theme
  • Completion of coursework
  • Preparation of supporting studies in response to the  exam theme set by the board
  • YR 11 exam


Art and design is the main subject for students looking to develop their creativity and understanding through a visual language. Many companies, businesses and institutions value the skills developed on an Art and design course, as students will be extremely self-motivated, industrious, creative and talented individuals. There are also a wide range of careers that involve the sort of visual awareness that an Art GCSE will develop.
Art at its most fundamental level develops your understanding of the world through enquiry and observation. Responding creatively to your environment is a way of learning more about yourself and other people. It is therefore a subject which is worth studying for its own intrinsic value.

What will my child learn?

This exciting course encourages you to develop imaginative, creative and individual responses to themes. You will learn to research by selecting and developing ideas using a wide range of both traditional media, such as painting, drawing, printing, sculpture and digital media such as photography, animation and computer aided design. You will visit galleries in Years 10 and 11 to develop your understanding of a wide range of Artworks and Art History. You will use your knowledge of other artists’ work to inform, evaluate and refine your ideas, developing technical skills, as well as, a deeper understanding of the value and purpose of Art. You will work on 3-4 themes during the course, documenting your ideas carefully in a portfolio with the help and guidance of your Art Teacher

How will my child’s work be assessed?

For coursework you will need to produce a personal portfolio which documents all of your work on each theme. This is worth 60% of the final grade. You will then work on the externally set assignment. You will have approximately 10 weeks to prepare your ideas which will then be completed under exam conditions in a 10-hour Controlled Test which is worth 40% of the marks.

Extra-Curricular opportunities

You will be taken on gallery visits in Years 10 and 11. We also support some students with artist led workshops. Students are encouraged to work on their ideas during lunchtime or after school. We also encourage students to follow up their interests in Art and Design by visiting galleries.

What Sixth Form options does this course lend itself to?

Art and Design is a valued qualification by universities and will support applications for a wide range of courses. Some students wish to pursue careers which are directly related to a study of Art and Design, Fashion, Textiles, Interior Design, Theatre Design, Ceramics, Fine Art-painting and sculpture, Graphics with Illustration and Architecture .Other students, whether Arts or Science based, use Art and Design as an additional subject for University entry. The department also have a dedicated Sixth Form studio which students have access to throughout the school day. This allows independent learning to take place during study periods. You will study Edexcel GCSE Art and Design (Fine Art).Please visit their website if you require further information about this qualification

Course Content

Unit 1 : Personal Portfolio in Art and Design
Internally set and marked; assessed through controlled assessment.
Unit 2: Externally Set Assignment in Art and Design
Externally set theme and internally marked.
Each unit is assessed separately out of 80 marks. You will be assessed using 4 assessment objectives of development, review/experiment, record, and present.