Sixth Form Transition




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The form will be open for submissions following the Year 11 into Year 12 evening on Wednesday 22 November.

The deadline for submission of this form is Friday, 26 January 2018.

The JFS Sixth Form is one of the largest and most successful in the country and our results are consistently outstanding. In 2016 we were the top performing totally non-selective Sixth Form in the country.

Our Year 11 students are fortunate to have the opportunity to transition to our exceptional Sixth Form. They are joined by a group of students from other schools and that makes JFS a highly sociable and an inspiring place to work and develop. Our Sixth Form is fulfilling and stimulating for all; from positive Jewish experiences through to the enhancement provided by our comprehensive extra-curricular programme. Students learn independently, act responsibly and demonstrate leadership, respect, care and commitment. Our students are well-behaved, respectful and motivated to achieve at their best in and outside the School. We prepare students for a life of leadership with impactful training programmes. Students perform a broad range of roles in the school and help to enhance our community.

JFS has unparalleled facilities allowing us to specialise in the widest possible range of curriculum options from A Levels to BTEC options. We ensure that every student makes the maximum possible progress and offer an ever-increasing range of educational pathways that stretch and challenge all. Our university preparation programme is nationally recognised. Our experienced staff utilise their expertise to provide individualised guidance and advice to students, helping every student to make the right choice of university and course.

The outlook and practice of the school is orthodox. However, JFS students have always come from a diverse Jewish background, with varying levels of knowledge, experience and practice. This diversity is our strength, with a broad spectrum of youth developing Jewish values together. When our students finish their Sixth Form education at JFS they leave as members of a diverse, committed community of alumni, ready to meet the challenges and maximise the opportunities that come their way.

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