Jewish Studies

What will my child learn?
JFS provides Jewish Studies (JS) for all students in Years 7 – 13. There are a number of options available to students when they join JFS with regard to their Jewish Studies. The core Jewish Studies curriculum is a values based curriculum based on Kohlberg’s theory of moral development, whereby students explore not only the Torah text but also the contemporary relevance of each event and the values that can be applied to their own lives. The JS curriculum also encompasses a Citizenship and PSHE programme.
We also offer a text-based programme which focuses more on traditional Jewish learning skills, enabling students to feel a sense of confidence and ownership over Jewish texts. We concentrate on developing skills of analysis and, ultimately, teach students how to learn. Furthermore, we offer an Enhanced Jewish Studies Programme which consists of various after school shiurim, extra-curricular trips and Yemei Iyun. The stimulating course provides, for the motivated student, Yeshiva and Seminary-style learning, while also offering a range of activities from the Jewish Informal Education Programme (JiEP).

How many lessons will my child have?
There are 6 hours of Jewish Studies each fortnight for students in Years 7 – 11. Those students opting to join the Enhanced Jewish Studies can have up to an additional 3 hours a week of study which is further supplemented by an option of up to 4 hours of additional learning at lunchtimes.

GCSE Religious Studies
Students in Years 10 and 11 study the GCSE Religious Studies syllabus which focuses on traditional Jewish themes as well as application of Jewish ethics in contemporary life All schools taking the GCSE
are required to study an additional religion for part of Year 10.
JFS teaches students the beliefs and practices of Islam which comprises 25% of the course.

Sixth Form Jewish Studies
JFS offers a wide and varied programme for Sixth Form students. Students have the opportunity to take Religious Studies and Ethics for ‘A’ Level. All Sixth Form students also have lessons of General Jewish Studies where they can discuss and explore wider Jewish and ethical issues. These lessons are discussion based, and expand upon students’ general Jewish knowledge and thinking skills. A wide range of external speakers are also invited to address the Sixth Form during JS lessons over the year. JS lessons in the Sixth Form allow students to explore topics that they have not covered in the Lower School; these include topics such as Jewish philosophy, medical ethics, business ethics and sexual ethics. Additionally students have a chance to partake in many volunteering and leadership opportunities as part of their Recreation option.