Drama GCSE  is changing:

There is a written paper at the end of year 11 which will have a choice of questions based on the practical work done in both scripted and devised work explored in line with a particular practitioner of theatre.  The students will be assessed on their fluency of style and their appropriate use of the technical terms of the subject.
The exam paper will be based on a set text studies: The Crucible or Blood Brothers. There will be a performance or a design choice
It will also have a question on a Theatre production seen. There will be a technical design question or a performance question.
It will be one hour and forty five minutes.

Throughout the two years students will explore devising performance and technical work as well as scripted theatre pieces and will keep a devising Log and a reflection work book based on the practical work performed, both of which will be moderated for performance outcomes as well as written reflection.
Styles of theatre will be explored throughout the course.
These practical components will be examined and moderated at the end of year 10 and the middle of year 11.

All three areas of examination will contribute to the final mark form 9-1.

What does not change is the need for  team players and a willingness to lead and develop ideas in groups creatively.
Hard work and complete attendance are the core requirements of the students as well as enthusiasm and a love of creative work.