Work Experience Programme - Year 12 (9 - 20 July 2018)

Please note: If your son/daughter is involved in training for any youth movement's summer camp during the two weeks set aside for work experience, they must have organised work experience for another time and informed Mr Flack. All work experience forms should have been completed and returned prior to asking for authorisation from the headteacher ( to attend the summer camp training.

November 2017

Dear Parent/Carer

Your son/daughter will soon be looking for a career in a rapidly changing world.

At JFS we believe that if s/he is to succeed both as an individual and in the wider economic sense, the acquisition of new skills is very important.  A successful period of work experience can help prepare your son/daughter for this process of change and develop within him/her a range of transferable skills which will be invaluable in the future and for higher education in particular.

We have set aside two weeks at the end of the summer term for students to take part in work experience.  Students need to organise a minimum of five days' work experience during this time.  The onus is on each student to find a placement relevant to his/her higher education/career interest. 

There are two forms which must be completed and which can be found below:

·         Parental Consent/Medical Form – To be completed by parents/carers with the details of the placement (once provisionally arranged with the employer) as well as with the requested medical information. 

·         Employer Health and Safety Form – To be completed by the employer.  (Please note we do require the employer to sign the form and not just print their name.)

Both forms need to be completed and returned (at the same time) to Mrs Marx, Sixth Form Administrator, for students to be able to complete the work experience, as they are vital for insurance purposes. 

There is a third form below, the Work Experience Employer Report Form which should  be completed by the employer at the end of the work experience placement.  This form should be returned to Mrs Marx so that it can be taken into consideration when references (including UCAS references) are written for your son/daughter.

Please note that all details of work placements must be submitted as soon as possible

but by Monday 19 February 2018 at the very latest.

JFS is always looking to expand its network of contacts.  Should you or any member of your family have the facility to provide a work experience placement, we would be very pleased to hear from you. 

We hope that each student is able to organise a meaningful work experience placement but if your son/daughter has any queries about the process, please ask them to see Mrs Marx who will be happy to help.

Yours sincerely

Mr A Flack                                                                                      

Assistant Headteacher (Sixth Form)