Triathlon Triumph


This is an article we received describing the achievements of two of our Year 9 students of whom we are very proud:

Some kids choose a run, swim, or cycle to raise money for charity as part of their Bar Mitzvah celebrations. But not Asher Jayson and Noah Lazarus – they chose all 3! After months of training they took part in a triathlon in April swimming 300m, cycling 5km and finally running 2.5km.
Their efforts raised an incredible £2,630 which they donated to Misholim in Jerusalem, one of Myisrael’s 18 ‘adopted charities’, which uses art therapy to help children who have experienced a trauma. Through art, music, dance and drama, Misholim helps these kids express their emotions and gets them smiling again.
During their training, Asher visited Misholim and met with some of the children who would benefit from his and Noah’s efforts. He told us:
“I met a girl called Dina who had cerebral palsy and had been badly bullied at school. It was difficult listening to how hard her life had been but her face lit up when she talked about Misholim and how it’s built up her confidence and self-belief.
“I also took part in a drumming workshop and saw how the music helped the kids feel better and communicate their feelings without using words. It was amazing and gave me so much motivation for my training. I wanted to do everything I could to help these children and make them feel happier.”
Asher’s mum Judianne told us; “A Bar Mitzvah is a wonderful experience for our kids. They work hard, they learn, they perform, they have a fabulous party surrounded by loved ones and receive incredible presents. I watched Asher grow in confidence throughout the experience and it reinforced how lucky we are.
“But there are so many children out there who don’t experience those things and a Bar Mitzvah is a poignant time to really get our children not only thinking about others but doing something practical to help them. The UK charity Myisrael offer an inspiring fundraising programme for Bar Mitzvah-age kids and Asher worked really hard for his project. He didn’t enjoy the training, he found it exhausting, but he loved knowing that the money he raised would transform the life of children in need.”
Myisrael adopts under-the-radar charities in Israel that are transforming the lives of people in need. If you are interested in taking on a Bar/Bat Mitzvah Project with Myisrael, please contact Helen on 07971164831 or email helen.myisrael@gmail.comfor more information.