Enrichment Outline

What's on offer?


Masterclasses offer students the chance to study something different. Students select one to two options to attend each term and attend series of three intensive sessions for each course. Past courses offered have included African History, Cyrogenics, Digital Photography, Greek, Law and Human Rights, Music Production, and Psychology. Master classes are open to all years and take place at lunchtimes.

Model United Nations

Model United Nations is a flagship event at JFS, with 100 students participating from all year groups. This event is for the students are passionate about finding solutions to global issues. Delegates debate topics such as nuclear power, global trade and political conflict to arrive at workable solutions for all countries. This event empowers students to develop skills in public speaking, critical analysis and expands their knowledge of the humanities subjects – Geography, History, and Politics. This year we are looking into taking our most advanced Model United Nations delegates to participate in regional events.


In Scholars students learn how to devise their own line of enquiry, with the aim of producing a research paper by the end of the year. Specialist subject teachers meet with students to discuss their ideas, challenge their thinking and guide them in how to write in an academic style. Students benefit from visiting professors and visits. Last year scholars had a guided tour of the Russian Revolution exhibition at the British Library.

Socratic Society

Socratic Method Definition: a form of cooperative argumentative dialogue between individuals, used to stimulate critical thinking and draw out underlying presumptions. At Socratic Society student facilitators use the Socratic Method to facilitate discussion on a range of controversial and complex topics. This weekly lunch time club is open to Years 7-9 and is run by Years 10 and 11 and takes place on Wednesdays.

Student Journalist

JFS has an action packed calendar and the news of all school events is brought to us by our very own Student Journalists. In this programme students are trained by journalists in reporting technique so they are able to report weekly on school events. Our journalists are also trained in creative writing and produce articles for the school blog. Students are invited to a visit to a global newsroom such as Bloomberg News or Sky where they find out more about the field and can start as a news reader.