Art and Design (Fine Art)

Examination Board

Edexcel Fine Art

Specific Course Requirements

Students need to have gained a Level 6 at GCSE in Art.

Course Content

The course consists of a coursework unit worth 60% of the marks and an externally set assignment worth 40%. This must contain a Personal Study or essay which will be marked separately.
Coursework Unit 60%-including Personal Study worth 12 % of final grade
You will be assessed on  responses to internally set and negotiated assignments and personal starting points, including practical work, supporting studies and a personal study comprising a minimum 1000 words of continuous written prose. All work must be submitted at the end of the course prior to internal assessment.
Externally Set Assignment40%
The Externally Set Assignment theme is carried out in YR13 and is set by the board. The starting points will be released each year, on 1 February. The 15-hour period of sustained focus under examination conditions may take place over multiple sessions (a maximum of five, within three consecutive weeks). All work must be submitted at the end of the course prior to internal assessment.  Work must not be added to or altered after the 15-hour supervised period has ended.


Your coursework, Personal Study and exam unit are internally marked and externally moderated by a visiting examiner. You will receive regular feedback about progress during the course.

What do I need to know?

Students choosing this course should be able to develop ideas visually and show commitment and energy. You should be able to meet deadlines for coursework and be able to organise and present your ideas in work journals. A passion for Art and Design is essential.

What could I do with a qualification in this subject?

There are a large selection of Art based careers, including Graphics, Fashion, Illustration, Textiles, Theatre Design, Interior Design, as well as Ceramics and Painting. It is also useful for a career in Architecture or Art History. Many students choose Art alongside other subjects as a qualification for university entrance.

The most commonly asked questions.

Is the subject a lot of work?

Art is no more demanding than any other subject at ‘A’ Level. However you will need to work consistently in lessons. Having the ability to be organised and to meet deadlines helps.

What kind of things can I do?

The department has a vast range of materials and resources to allow you  to develop your ideas. The main areas are painting, drawing printing, sculpture, photography and mixed media.

Why should I study Art?

Most students enjoy the subject and therefore are able to excel in their work. This enables them to achieve the high grades necessary for university entrance. Some students focus on Art and Design as a career and apply to foundation courses to study Fashion, Interior Design, Textiles, Graphics, Theatre design, and Fine Art.

What equipment will I need to purchase as an Art and Design student?

Students will be provided with an equipment list, which will include general items such as drawing and painting implements, and basic stationery items.




Autumn Term

Spring Term

Summer Term


Year 12

1st project introducing and mastering a range of photographic skills-developing the ways of working that will make sure that all four assessment objectives are covered in a manner that will create high level results-learning ways to analyse the work of others that can help to support the development of personal ideas.



Completing unit 1. Considering ways to present portfolios and final resolution of ideas.


February unit2 the externally set assignment-choosing a personal response –extending knowledge through the use of solarisation and layering.


External exam 5 hours – legacy AS syllabus. Developing ideas.

Completing the externally set assignment and presenting work for final moderation –


External exam 10 hours – New AS syllabus. Producing final work.


Start developing work for the personally chosen theme unit3.


Year 13

Continue with the personally chosen theme unit3 –explore varieties of montage and alternative ways of presenting ideas- begin work on the extended writing task. Visit to V&A Print room to inform ideas/writing.


Completing unit 3. Considering ways to present portfolios and final resolution of ideas.


February unit4 the externally set assignment-choosing a personal response –extending knowledge.

Completing the externally set assignment and presenting work for final moderation.


External exam 10 hours – Producing final work.