Drama and Theatre Studies

Unit 3: Written – 2 hours   30% of the total ‘A’ Level.   Study of two further set plays.
DRAM3 There is a choice from six plays for each of the two sections in this unit.

Unit 4: DRAM4 Practical – 20% of the total ‘A’ Level marks. Performance by a group of a devised drama.

How will I be assessed?

The weighting of Practical work and Theory will change to 40% Theory (study of set texts, which are changing in terms of choices) and 60% practical which will require an accompanying portfolio. The exam will be taken in the second year of the ‘A’ Level with both practical examinations and written papers.

The study of plays, practitioners and styles of theatre will continue to be the essence of the subject with the accompanying experience of productions see and performed in.

Specific Course Requirements

GCSE English Language and Literature at level 5 is essential.  Self-discipline, academic ability and self-motivation, as well as ability to work in a group, are all essential prerequisites.

Course Content

This is now a Linear A level which is examined in practical work at the end of Year 12 with a devised performance piece, internally examined and externally moderated by the examination board. This is supported by a Working Notebook in which the students will be able to explain the process, explore a style of theater and add images and vocal, visual support as well. This will also be sent to the moderator after it has been internally marked.
The devised piece will be in the style of a practitioner of theatre chosen by the students with guidance from the staff.
Throughout this year visits to live performances or performances watched digitally will be written about and studied by the students in preparation for the written exam in Year 13.
In the second term of Year 13 a further scripted piece will be examined by an external examiner after a previous two scripted pieces have been performed in Year12 and internally assessed. The final (third piece) will be supported by the theatrical approach of a particular practitioner who has to be different from the practitioner that student has selected to support the devised piece.

In Year 13 two set texts are studied in preparation for the written exam in the summer term of Year 13. 

These texts will be “Hedda Gabler” by Ibsen and “The Glass Menagerie" by Tennessee Williams.

The written exam paper will have a choice of questions on these texts as well as a question about a live production seen which will also be a choice of questions to reflect the student’s preference of production seen.

Sixth Form


Autumn Term

Spring Term

Summer Term


Year 12

·         Practitioners

·         Extract from a script Extract 1 :Rehearsals and Performances

·         Reflective reports

·         Essays on Live Theatre visit




·         Rehearsal and performance of Extract 2 from play scripts

·         Reflective Report/

·         practitioners

·         Essays on Live Theatre seen

·         Devising work started with Working Notebook

·         Devising work Making Theatre

·         Working Notebook completed

·         Devising EXAM

·         Start Set Text Hedda Gabler

·         Live Theatre visit and Essays


Year 13


Drama Through The Ages/Hedda Gabler by Ibsen

The Glass Menagerie by Tennessee Williams

Live Theatre Essays and visits



·         Live Theatre Visits

·         Mock Essay practice responding to SET TEXTS (as per Autumn Term)

·         Extract 3 from a play script examined externally

·         Reflective report completed on all three extracts and final practitioner

·         Final Working Notebook to send off

·         Exam Revision and essay practice for the written exam.