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Specific Course Requirements

We would expect you to have achieved at least a Level 6 in History and Level 6 in English and English Literature.  You need to enjoy reading about and researching historical events.

Course Content

Year 12

The course in the first year covers German history from the end of the First World War to the fall of the Berlin Wall. It looks at Germany’s fall to and recovery from Nazi rule as well as its subsequent division under Communist and Capitalist rule.  We will also study the rise of right wing dictators in either Italy or Spain as a way of thinking about the ideological battles that were taking place in Europe in the first half of the 20th Century.

Year 13

In the second year we do a course work which will focus on an area of historiographical debate and an exam based course that will focus on the British Empire including the American Revolutionary War, India, Canada and the treatment of the Aboriginal people in Australia.

What do I need to know, or be able to do, to study this course?

There are no prior knowledge requirements for the course, but a general awareness of 20th Century European History would hold a student in good stead.

How will I be assessed?

There is a coursework essay in the second year. Apart from this the course is assessed through essays under exam conditions. Some essays focus on historical knowledge and analysis while others focus on the ability to contextualise and interpret sources, whilst still others focus on the historical debates around a particular topic.  This is a new mode of assessment and gives students a rigorous briefing in the major skills of an historian.

What could I do with a qualification in this subject?

History is considered a ‘Blue Chip’ ‘A’ Level. Success in this subject shows that you have developed analytical skills and can articulate an argument. With this in mind it is an excellent grounding for any humanities based further study. Anyone who is considering a career in Law or a similar professional field such as the Civil Service and because of its analytical nature, can prove an excellent companion choice for a science orientated course of study.

The  most commonly asked questions about this course are:

Is there coursework involved?

Unit 4 at ‘A2’ Level is a coursework unit.

Is there a need for extra reading?

You will be provided with the necessary textbooks, but must be willing to undertake extra reading and research.

Is History a difficult subject?

It is a challenging subject which should only be chosen by those willing to make a real effort to develop knowledge and analysis.

Do I need to have studied History at GCSE?

Ideally yes, but if not we ask for a Level 6 in an equivalent subject.



Autumn Term

Spring Term

Summer Term


Year 12

Students look at the problems of Liberal Italy and the rise of Mussolini and Weimar Germany



Students look at the dictatorships of Mussolini and Hitler, their falls and life in West Germany.

Students revise for and take AS Level exams.  They then begin to prepare for the Year 13 course looking at the origin of World War I and the American Revolution.


Year 13

Students look at the Kaiserreich and Germany during World War I, Weimar Germany and the history of modern China.


Students look at the rise of Hitler and the historical debates around the nature of the Nazis regime. They write coursework on the development of Communist China.

Students study the effect of the war on Germany and the development of the Holocaust. They revise for and take their A2 exams.