STEM day


STEM Day (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) provides short introductory sessions for Year 9 Students to enhance their understanding of, and aptitude for, problem solving, creativity, design, and engineering.

Students worked together in small groups on ‘design and make’ projects to improve their creative thinking, problem-solving and team working skills. The challenge involved two tasks one was to design and build a robust and structurally sound bridge to support a pre-made track running across the top of it. Secondly to design and build a small battery powered vehicle to travel the length of the bridge from one end to the other whilst carrying a 100g weight. Not only did the project have time constraints, but also budgetary and aesthetic aspects to consider. Year 9 were then able to show their colleagues the product of their labours.

When asked what they thought of the workshop one student responded “ We thought that the Engineering session was beneficial to our learning and we realised the importance of engineering and how it is interpreted into modern day life”. Another said “We really enjoyed the creativity and the concept of the task and have learnt about the basic principal of engineering.

Tyrese Williams and Olivia Curwen Year 9