Science Week


“We’re doing it slightly differently this week.” said Dr Holmes...

In assembly, two sixth form students came in to talk about the upcoming science week. After a fast paced introductory video and interesting talk, I walked out of the assembly more informed than when I came in. Also I was inspired as to how to do my article.

The week (that was run exclusively by sixth form students this year) was packed full of events, with demonstrations, talks, debates, a competition for the best life changing invention, a shop outside the lunch hall selling science related gadgets, and to round it all off, an in class challenge for the strongest bridge made of newspaper.

The demonstrations ranged from sound wave explanations to methane fireballs, from rocket launches to liquid nitrogen. There was even a Colourful chemistry demonstration that included a supersaturated solution that was liquid until you pour it onto the table. This forms a tower of translucent crystal – a sight to see. The talks ranged from black holes and neutrinos to the feasibility of super powers. The sixth form really outdid themselves.

Dr Holmes said that he was hoping that the range of activities would mean that there was an activity for everyone. There certainly was. Science week this year has been a huge success.

Oli Solomons 9B1