Sports Leadership

JFS Sports Ambassador

The JFS Sports Ambassador role is based on the selection of two students who have made a positive contribution as a JFS Sports Leader and have demonstrated a commitment to sports volunteering at JFS. Students will have demonstrated a mature attitude and reliability and have shown passion to inspire young people. The role of the Sports Ambassador is to work with the JFS Sports Committee to increase participation, promote healthy lifestyles and to promote learning through the Olympic and Paralympic ideas. This is an extremely prestigious role that all sports leaders should aim to be selected for.

Level 2 Award in Community Sports Leaderships

The Level 2 Award in Community Sports Leadership is a nationally recognised qualification offered to students in Year 12 during their PE recreation lessons. The course provides an ideal progression for students who completed the Level 1 Award in Year 10, or who have shown some experience and interest in sports leadership and volunteering. The course is designed to produce confident, motivated and reliable leaders. Students should be committed to developing their skills, knowledge and understanding to enable them to independently plan, organise and lead safe purposeful and enjoyable sport/activity sessions under indirect supervision.

Students need to be passionate about working with young people and be willing to volunteer their spare time to run primary and secondary sporting festivals and events. It is a requirement that all candidates complete 10 hours of community volunteering, however it is important that students show enthusiasm and willingness to volunteer on a regular basis. A number of opportunities will be provided for students to apply their leadership skills. Students are given the opportunity to complete NGB coaching and officiating courses and to apply these skills in competitive environments. On completion of the course students may decide to continue to develop as a sports leader and complete the Higher Sports Leaders Award.

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Level 1 Award in Sports Leadership

The Level 1 Award in Sports Leadership is offered to students in Year 10, providing the ideal starting point for students to develop their leadership skills. This is a practical course, designed to develop students’ generic leadership skills that can be applied to a variety of sports/activity sessions as well as contributing to the personal development of the learner. The aim of this qualification is to give students an understanding of what it means to be an effective leader and to develop students’ skills and abilities to lead others in a safe and purposeful environment. Students will be required to demonstrate their ability to lead others under direct supervision. Students will be given the opportunity to organise and lead a variety of primary and secondary sports festivals and events as well as complete NGB officiating and coaching courses. Frequent opportunities will be given to students to apply their coaching and officiating qualifications in competitive environments.
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Activity Officers

JFS requires responsible and reliable Sixth Form students to assist in the running of the playground scheme as an Activity Officer. Key responsibilities for an Activity Officer include: Managing the borrowing of equipment; leading playground activities for the younger years; and the monitoring and evaluation of student participation. This is an excellent opportunity for Sixth Form students to demonstrate their commitment and reliability to maintain a leadership role and show their enthusiasm to increasing students’ participation in Physical Activity.

KS3 Leadership and Volunteering Passport Award

The KS3 Passport Award is offered to students in Years 7, 8 and 9, providing the ideal introduction and pathway to sports leadership at KS3. The award gives students the opportunity to be introduced to basic leadership skills and understanding of what it takes to be a sports leader. Students are given the opportunity to assist in PE lessons and clubs, lead small groups of peers, lead simple warm-ups and practices and help to officiate or umpire small group games. This award provides a foundation for students to build on at KS4.