Geography Enrichment Workshop


Students from Year 8 were recently selected to be a part of a Geography Enrichment Workshop, focusing on crime.  The main activity was a mystery case where the students became detectives and had to figure who the robber was out of two suspects. The two suspects were rather different, one being your typical thug, and one being a middle-aged, depressed building worker.  At the beginning of the session, the majority of the students thought that the stereotypical thug was the one who committed the crime, but later realised that this was not the case.  This showed the diversity in crime, and that one cannot make assumptions based on first impressions.
The program was created to give students a head start in the new topic, Crime, and to raise awareness of crime in England.  Students were able to go to the computer bays to do research on the whereabouts of the suspects in comparison to the victim of the crime, demonstrating the importance of looking at detail in crime.