Year 10 visit to Cadbury's World


Chocolate, chocolate and yet more chocolate doesn’t sound like your average school trip, however, Year 10 students who are studying Child Development or Food Technology for GCSE, were lucky enough to go on a trip to Cadbury World for the day.

After an early start and a 3 hour coach journey, the pupils finally made it to Birmingham where they were greeted by the shining purple gates. The students went round the main exhibition, learning about the history of chocolate, including how it was made and how the classic Cadbury Dairy Milk developed to become the chocolate we know and love today. They also did a tour of the packaging plant and went on the mini-ride.

The pupils were lucky enough to have a talk by a man who worked for Mondeléz International, a huge American snack company who now own Cadbury. He spoke to the students about new products and advertising, as well as competition with other major snack companies and nutrition information.   

The trip was beneficial for both Child Development and Food Technology students as they learnt about nutrition and packaging, as well as marketing aimed at young people and new product ideas.

The highlight of the day for many of the students was having a valuable 10 minutes in the Cadbury shop, where they threw as much chocolate as possible into their baskets and pupils were seen lugging multiple 1kg Dairy Milk bars up to the tills.

Overall, the day was a great success and students described the trip as “amazing” and “the best trip JFS have done yet!” Luckily no one was ill from eating too much chocolate!

Amy Sharpstone 10A1

Student Journalist