Yom Yerushalayim Celebrations


In recent years the Jewish calendar between Pesach and Shavuot has been filled with significant days marking the tragedy of the Shoah, the loss of thousands of Israeli soldiers and the celebration of Israel’s independence. These important days are all marked in JFS and this week, the occurrence of Yom Yerushalayim was no different.

Yom Yerushalayim marks the survival of Israel in 1967 as it faced existential threats from its neighbours. In addition to survival, the end of the Six Day War also saw Israel reunited with the holy city of Jerusalem and Judaism’s holiest site, the Temple Mount and the Western Wall.

Students at the school minyan took part in a celebratory service including the singing of special songs and the saying of Hallel. A Yom Yerushalayim Breakfast took place in honour of those Y13 students who are finishing their studies at JFS and going to spend a year in Israel studying or volunteering. The students were addressed by Jonny from Y13 who is going to be studying at Yeshivat HaKotel in the Old City of Jerusalem as part of Bnei Akiva’s Torani programme. Jonny spoke about the way in which his time at JFS instilled him with a dedication for Israel and for the community, and the contribution that each and every student can make during their time at JFS and beyond.

Students also had the chance to write their own notes and prayers to be inserted into the walls of the Kotel which will be delivered by students visiting Jerusalem on the Y9 ‘A Taste of Israel’ programme.