Simon Rinkoff

Why I work: 

I did a degree in Television and Radio production at the University of Salford. For a decade I worked in the film industry, from tea boy to directing my own TV and music promotion videos for people like MTV. I became more observant and as I thought more about my Judaism I began to reflect that I wanted to share this so I could inspire others, just as I had become inspired. I went to Yeshiva in Israel to bolster my own learning as preparation for entering the teaching profession.

JFS is my first full time teaching post. I love it. There are two aspects. First and foremost is the opportunity to teach the children. As I walk into the School, there is an instant buzz. It is not just a matter of standing in front of a class. Like planting a seed and nurturing it, one gets to see the children grow into young, thoughtful adults. The opportunities on offer to the students, for example the Sixth Form Poland trip, also provide teaching staff with parallel opportunities and responsibilities. I am a tutor to a class of 30 students. This gives me a pastoral role and a chance to guide them.

The professional dimension is enhanced by the roles and relationships with the students. I am struck by the high quality of mentoring support available within JFS. Management is structured so that colleagues have the time and the commitment to help others. I also feel part of a team, constantly striving to think of new ways to enhance the quality of educational provision. There is a career ladder at JFS, giving one the scope to develop oneself. At the end of each working day, it is simple. I feel fulfilled.