Special Education Needs

At JFS we have a large Special Education Needs department with dedicated and professional learning assistants and mentors

Learning Mentors are a vital strand within the Excellence in Cities initiative. Our focus is to raise achievement by identifying and seeking to remove the barriers to learning that contribute to underachievement and prevent students from reaching their full potential. Particular emphasis is placed on helping Year 7 students to manage the transition to secondary school, and on providing opportunities for older students to develop leadership and guidance skills through positions of responsibility in caring for and supporting younger students. Successful peer buddies have a management structure that enables them to achieve increasing levels of responsibility.

Student support is one strand of a network of systems that contribute to the overall wellbeing of our students. Learning Mentors work closely with all the School's support structures, including the School's Behaviour Team. JFS rightly has a deserved reputation for high disciplinary standards. Our students are well-behaved, respectful and motivated to achieve to their best. This reflects the sense of purpose and unity within a warm, caring, family atmosphere that permeates the whole school community.