Extra Curricular Opportunities

There are of course many extra curricular sporting activities. We play in various local leagues and one gets the chance to know the students from a different perspective when out of School. I accompanied students on the Modern Foreign Languages trip to Strasbourg and spent time with our students as they lived in the homes of French families. I don't think anything can compare with the visit to Israel. It was fantastic and such an unexpected opportunity.

I participated in trips arranged by Jewish Informal Education Programme (JiEP) during my first year at JFS. The trips were tremendously inspiring and provided invaluable opportunities for me to communicate with students on a more informal level. I felt privileged to be present on these trips, and to witness the students connecting with their heritage. I have managed to keep in contact with students who attended these trips, through various reunions and lunch and learn sessions. This has enabled to maintain the connection I forged with these students.

I play unihoc, soccer, cricket and tennis in various after school staff teams. This extra curricular dimension for staff is an additional bonus of working at JFS.

The school offers unique opportunities for visits to Israel and Poland. The Poland visit being a thought-provoking insight into the Holocaust.

At the start of my third year I accompanied a school party to Israel. Once we had dropped the students at their residential centre, the school had organised a special two day programme for me and a colleague. We were shown around Jerusalem and paid a visit to the Dead Sea. I can't imagine another school providing such an opportunity so early in a career.

During the course of the term I will be organising visits from well known authors, I run book groups for KS 3 students and Sixth Formers. We have an annual Reading festival. This involves the whole school, staff and students alike and is both fun and stimulating. The LRC is packed at lunch time with students working on homework, coursework, reading newspapers and periodicals, playing chess or scrabble and those students having paired reading with Sixth Formers.

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