General Ethos

I remember coming to interview - surprised and intrigued by the dress code, impressed by the security arrangements and wowed by the facilities. I really wanted to come back to school. One of the governors interviewed me. He was the politest person I have ever met. JFS is a very inviting place. Although there are clear structures and guidelines for everything, the management style is relaxed and very supportive.

I love the School because it has such a buzz. The students are wonderful and my colleagues are so supportive and friendly. I welcome the fact that teaching goes beyond the classroom and one has so many opportunities for positive interaction with the students. This all contributes to making JFS a fun and exciting place to work.

I started with a firm of consultants specialising in advising private equity houses. It just didn't motivate me. I didn't care if wealthy companies got even richer. I went to Kenya, where my parents had been born and taught in a private school before entering the Institute to do my PGCE. JFS was the second of my training schools as a B T. I really wanted to come and teach here.

There is a large and diverse staff. The school staffing has an international dimension.

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