Current JFS Governors

Parent Governors are:
Charlotte Benjamin, Geraldine Fainer and Michael Lee. 

US nominees are:
Karen Benedyk, Richard Cohen, Jo Coleman,  Richard Del Monte, Rabbi Dr. Moshe Freedman, Neil Harris, David Horowitz, Ruth Renton, Anne Shisler, Stuart Waldman and Steven Woolf (Chairman of Governors),

Staff Governors are:
Zach Bennetts, Russell Boxer, Jonathan Miller (Headteacher) and Jamie Peston.

Richard Martyn is the Brent nominated Governor.

Parents are welcome to write to the Governors

Letters should be addressed care of the School or may be sent to

The Governors of the School have a range of duties and responsibilities laid down in education and charity law. These range over most aspects of school life, from student admissions and staff appointments to the finances and educational provision of the School. Governors are nominated by the United Synagogue (our Foundation Body) and Brent Local Education Authority. Parents and staff are entitled to elect representatives to the Governing Body. The Headteacher sits ex officio as a member of the Governing Body.

The Governing Body has a number of standing committees:

Admissions chaired by Richard Del Monte
Curriculum chaired by Karen Benedyk
Discipline chaired by Jo Coleman
Jewish Education chaired by David Horowitz
Pay, Personnel and Strategy are chaired by Steven Woolf
Finance and Premises chaired by Neil Harris