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Throughout the year, Year 13 will be making a stream of important life changing decisions – whether it is choosing which university to go to, what job they will apply for or what to do during their gap year.


Year 11 student Adam Lang received one of the top 12 scores in the country in Astronomy GCSE.


The third annual Sixth Form Lifeboat Debate took place recently, where students argued for which Arts and Humanities subject they would save if they could only save one. Nine teams competed, with a strong showing in the Finals from both Geography and History. They were nevertheless defeated in the final vote by Science students Benjamin, Oskar and Kadya as ‘The Devil’s Advocates’; a team that made a highly entertaining case to the audience that the Arts and Humanities were effectively worthless.


As part of the upcoming Shabbat UK programme to be held on Parshat Noach (24-25 October), the Year 8 and 9 Text classes were challenged to make a practical Shabbat guide. Click here for the winning entries from each Year Group.  The students used the guides they had made to teach students in Year 7 about Shabbat. A group of students from JFS also visited Sinai to teach the students there about Shabbat.


Our annual Prospective Parents Evening (PPE) is the largest event in our school calendar. This year we welcomed over 1500 people and our students were there to greet them with warmth and assuredness that was extremely impressive. Our students always enjoy showing off their school and were happy to welcome the public together with their children. We have received numerous complimentary emails from the public, who had the opportunity to see our facilities and meet with our staff.