Admissions Year 7


The first round of 11+ offers for places at JFS will be made via local authorities after 1 March 2016. If you do not receive an offer from JFS at this stage, please help us during this period by not telephoning the School.  Rest assured the Admissions Officer will be working hard to process the acceptances and establish whether there may be further places we can offer. We appreciate this can be a stressful time for families and your courtesy towards the Admissions department would be appreciated.  Whilst offers are still being made it is not necessary for you to lodge an appeal at this stage.  Thank you for your patience.

Appeals Timetable



The deadline for September 2015 applications has now passed. You may make a late application, but this will not be considered in the first round of offers. 

You will be required to complete a Supplementary Information Form (SIF). In addition, you will also be required to obtain 3 points on a Certificate of Religious Practice (CRP) if you wish to be considered as a priority applicant. Both the SIF and CRP must be sent directly to JFS once they have been completed. 

Shabbat attendances at a Synagogue are required to obtain some, or all of your points on the CRP. Applicants will be required to register with a Synagogue in order to have their attendances recorded; these attendances must then be verified by an authorised signatory of a synagogue.  We suggest that you make contact with your Synagogue as soon as possible to find out how your child's attendance will be recorded.

Once offers have been made and places have been accepted, we will invite students to attend testing, as we have done in the past, in order to place students into the correct Tutor Groups.  The accelerated and mixed ability Tutor Groups as well as the gifted and talented programmes will remain unchanged and will not be affected by this process.

Our DfE number is 304 4033

We look forward to receiving your application.